Style Update: Floral, stripes and animal print, oh my…

I once had a lady stop me on the streets of London and proclaim, “It’s so wonderful how you feel empowered to mix and match without a care in the world.” I said, “thank you” and walked away with a spring in my step. Although, about fifteen seconds later it dawned on me that the compliment might have been anything but. I took a minute to reassess and came to the conclusion that people in this world only stop you to say nice things, right? Well, we all know that isn’t the case on social media… far from it. However, I do believe people, in person at least, are more likely to compliment than criticise. Am I crazy to think that? I hope not. But, here I am getting off the topic entirely. When it comes to prints, this outfit, in particular, packs a powerful punch.

However, I’m keeping that punch limited to the appearance. When it comes to your wallet, it can rest easy. This is as easy on the eyes as it is your bank account. The skirt costs less than two days of lattes. The top is an investment, costing a little bit more but it’s something you’ll wear forever. So there you have it – two pieces, both technically great investments and only one with a price tag that costs more than two Starbucks’ coffees. 

What I’m Wearing:

Leopard Skirt, Stripe Top 


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