One final look at The Dior Exhibit in London

For the Dior enthusiasts out there, I did my best to capture herewith what I believed to be the highlight reel of the famed Christian Dior exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

I debated posting this while the Dior exhibit was still on in London and decided against it. The tickets were already sold out and it seemed cruel to feature something that was just on our doorstep, but was inaccessible to all. I must admit I didn’t think I was going to get through the exhibit doors at the Victoria & Albert Museum to see the ground breaking fashion showcase myself. However, one of London’s most treasured hotels asked me to cover a special package which allowed guests of the hotel to obtain tickets to the sold out show and with the feature came, you guessed it, tickets to the show itself. So, I made a deal that I would go and take the tour once and absorb every bit of design greatness that I could in that time period. I would then spin back around to capture as much as I could to share here with you. So although the exhibit has gone, hopefully there is still room for inspiration. 

There is also an exhibit book that is still available to purchase, should you wish to delve further into the world of Christian Dior with a permanent coffee table edition. I cannot recommend this enough. Mine is referenced weekly at this point. I see it and feel a need to flip to a random page and observe the greatness. Call me cheesy, it’s just something I do. I’m not easily inspired, so when I find inspiration, I go all in.

Now, enough of me yammering on. Here’s your digital look at Dior. Again, nothing can replace the original, but hopefully this will at least provide a glimpse of inspiration that will bring a smile of adoration and admiration to your face. Christian Dior… what a legacy.


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