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Last week, Keanu (yes, I’m still talking about my car) and I made our way down to Brighton for a one night stay to celebrate a very special new launch. I don’t think I’ve ever written about habitat here on FFG before. But, it’s a brand I’ve held on a pedestal for nearly two decades now in London. My first year living here, I saved for two months to buy what I thought was the perfect throw pillow. For a woman making less than minimum wage as an intern in a big city, even buying a pizza was a luxury. So, bringing that first throw pillow home was a big deal for me. Ever since then, walking into the habitat store on Tottenham Court Road has always felt like a luxury. So, you can imagine when the invite came through to come down to one of the UK’s most treasured hotels, with one of the UK’s most celebrated interiors brands, I couldn’t respond fast enough with a ginormous “yes”!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I’m walking into The Artist Residence in Brighton and my eyes pop out of my head at what I find in the room. I’m here to celebrate the launch of the new season of bed linen for autumn winter 2019. There are over 60 exclusive designs that are made for Habitat in Portugal and India. From flannel to linen sheets, there’s a little something for everyone looking to make their perfect bed. My bed, in the hotel, was already kitted out in the new sheets for the season and atop the bed, in a habitat bag, was a set of sheets for me to also take home. habitat were challenging me to put their duvet cover to the test right then and there for the night. But, before we crawled into bed we were given a crash course in how to achieve the best night’s sleep. I know there are a lot of us that struggle with insomnia. So, I wanted to first share a few things I learned on the night and then I’ll share a few peeks at the sheets that need to be on your radar right now…

First up,  we had an intimate session with the founder of Brighton’s Float Spa. She brought along a whole kit for creating the perfect bath salts. We combined dried flowers, natural oils and epsom salts to create a mixture that would help us fall fast asleep. 

Now, what do you need to know from this? Well, here’s what I didn’t already know. The reason everyone keeps telling us to have baths before bed is down to science! Our body temperature drops after a warm bath – contrary to popular thought – and improves the temperature circadian rhythm. The ideal time? Try slipping into a bath an hour before bed time! And make sure you are using epsom salts in the bath. Scientists believe that the magnesium in the salts can be absorbed by the skin, which relieves aches and pains and helps with relaxation. 

There are other things you can do to enhance your bath for optimal sleep. First up, practice mindfulness. Close your eyes and focus on your body, from toes to forehead, becoming aware of how each area of your body feels in the warm water around you. Also, look into the power of crystals. Float Spa recommends placing crystals around or in the bath to enhance healing properties. Which crystal? This is up to you and it’s well worth researching according to what sort of relief you crave!

Now, we didn’t stop our learning experience with the bath alone. We also learned about the power of food and including certain ingredients that will aid in calming yourself before bedtime. Of course this is also about keeping a healthy diet. We strayed slightly with desert, but fresh veg and grilled fish were the mainstays that didn’t leave us feeling bloated or too full to sleep! This is as much about portion control as it is ingredients. We all know how difficult it can be to sleep after a large meal. It just sits in your tummy, making laying down quite uncomfortable. 

 After dinner, it was time to go back to the room and jump into bed, for the real reason we were there – to experience the Habitat Bedding! We spend half our lives in bed, people. I am still shocked by how little thought goes into what we put on for sheets, especially when so much thought goes into what we’re wearing everyday. That outfit changes daily – your bedsheets, not so much! So, this does require thought. Invest in good sheets! That’s the best sleep advice I could give anyone and I recently put it into play, buying the BF some new habitat sheets after my night in Brighton. Well, I guess I’ve ruined what I thought. Obviously if I liked them enough to purchase them for someone else, you know the night went well. 

I slept on the Mina Pin-Tuck Duvet Set for my night in Brighton. I slipped in and I wish I could give you a full review, play by play, etc. Alas, I was asleep so quickly I can barely remember it at all. So that’s the best review of all. I was so comfortable, I was out like a light. 

Now, for those that are looking for some other sheets that might be of interest from the new collection, here are a few of my favourites:

habitat Washed Sateen Pink Sheet Set

Pink Duvet Set

 habitat Linen White Sheet Set 


So, there you have it, lovelies! Hope you can find some of these tips helpful in giving you your best night’s sleep tonight. Thanks for reading along and see you tomorrow! 

And thank you to habitat, for inviting me to such a fun and insightful event! 


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