This is the best lobster roll in London

I feel I need to start this review with a rather crucial declaration of expertise. My lobster palette is next level. Think seafood connoisseur. It’s not because I’ve been ordering lobster in restaurants my entire life. Quite the contrary actually. I’ve been eating lobster every summer since I first had teeth on the back porch of my family’s beach house in Maine. Our lobster dinners literally came from our front yard, the ocean. So, I know fresh lobster. I know how to eat it, I know how to cook it and, more importantly for this review, I know how to ruin it. My history of eating lobster rolls outside of Maine has been very hit or miss, but in London, I had yet to find a lobster roll that I would be willing to take my mother to for judgement. She is the true connoisseur. However, all that changed last month, when I sat down at Bob’s Lobster. 

Now, a little bit of history here. First of all, Bob’s Lobster used to be known in London as the ultimate food truck. And I must admit that up until I met the owner, during our dinner, I had forgotten that this was not my first time eating a Bob’s Lobster roll, nor was it the first time I declared it the best I’d had in London. I simply forgot. It happens after writing food reviews for ten years, and I’m not proud of it. But, I think because it was a food truck, rather than a restaurant, I was lazy with my recollection. All is forgiven now and Bob’s Lobster now has a permanent space, just next to London Bridge station, where I can pop in anytime I want to sit down and feel a little less homesick because this place has hit it out of the ball park with their perfect Lobster Roll. 

Why is it perfect? Well, let’s start with the bun. Lobster’s perfect pairing is butter. So, you have to get the roll right to create the perfect foodie moment. The perfect lobster roll bun is buttered and then placed on a grill, to get a bit of rich creamy crisp on your brioche. Then it’s all about how you dress the lobster. You want good lobster to shine. So, you should be using minimum dazzlers here in your sauce. Never trust a lobster roll that has anything too hot or any ingredient that’s trying to hide the lobster taste. What the hell are you ordering a lobster roll for that tastes like hot sauces? Waste of money, people. Bob’s Lobster delivers their roll with a minimal mayo dressing and lets the lobster take the heat with taste. It’s perfect. Just perfect. The proof is in the person I took with me for a taste test. It was his first lobster roll, so I have to make allowances for initial surprise. But, his facial reaction was an actual swoon. Imagine making out with a lobster roll, if you will. It nearly looked like that. Ok, try not to go creepy with that comparion, people. 

Of course lobster rolls are not all that’s on offer with Bob’s Lobster, and everything I’m about to mention is worth an order. First up, the seafood tower. Epic. Fresh. Fantastic. Oh, and hello Instagram friendly. It’s gorgeous and don’t even dream about ordering it without a lobster tail topper. Next up we have lobster mac and cheese. This isn’t usually my thing, so I don’t think I can accurately judge it. But, if given the choice between the mac and cheese and the fries, I’d choose the fries every time. The french fries are served with bacon and clam chowder. This isn’t a meal, it’s an experience. And for those of you that have friends that don’t eat seafood, and I know we all have them, never fear as there’s a burger near. As the owner is American, he knows burgers and insisted I give his a go. It did not disappoint. In fact, I’m slightly wishing on a star that there’s a Bob’s burgers in the works.

Bottom line, head over to Bob’s Lobster if you are experiencing seafood hunger pangs. You won’t be let down by what you discover.

More Information and Reservations: Bob’s Lobster 


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