Introducing Laurence Coste

I’ve made no secret of my earring obsession over the past decade. You guys know I love a statement earring as much as I love a great dress. They are the two wardrobe items that make me go weak in the knees. Earrings last forever. They don’t change as your weight yo-yos, can be worn for any occasion, can be used to dress up any look and have the ability to finish an ensemble like nothing I’ve ever known in accessories. I am an earrings fanatic. There, I’ve said it. So, meeting Laurence Coste last month was like meeting a unicorn. This is a brand that is truly at the top of the style charts and can be found in every little black book possessed by a London lady. Five minutes with Laurence Coste only made me fall deeper down the rabbit hole. And so, dear reader, I wanted to give you an official introduction to the brand.

The best way for me to do it is, as always, through pictures. You want proof, don’t you? When I say this is an accessories brand like none other, the only real proof is in the product, right? So, feast your eyes on the beauties below. This post should probably come with a warning as you will be invited to shop, but I know we’re all grownups here and you can be trusted with your American Express.

Before you head off down below, into the Aladdin’s cave of earring exhibitions, let me first tell you about the Parisian goddess that is Laurence Coste. For two decades now, Laurence has been decorating some of the most famous earlobes in London society. Her unique, and often times bespoke, designs are works of art. With two stores in London – on Walton Street and Sloane Street- Coste has quite the showcase of her work on display at all times. To visit either location is an experience in itself. The staff are perfect reflections of Laurence’s enthusiasm and love for the business as they are all too eager to recommend pieces you may be after for yourself or for gifts for loved ones. Whatever the occasion, when in store, get lost in the magic of trying on pair after pair, as you discover how each and every creation can completely change your look. 

Laurence, if this seems like a love letter to you, it’s because it is. Thank you for giving women the world over beautiful accessories to brighten every day and every mood! 


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