FFG Travels: New Road Hotel, Whitechapel, East London

I’ve had a lot of requests lately for a greater variety in pricing for hotels that I share, specifically in London. As your wish is my command, here’s one that fits into the “bargain” category in The Big Smoke. The words “bargain” and “London” don’t often fit well together. In my experience, the end result is actually pretty scary. But, New Road Hotel have managed to showcase that you can stay in fashionable digs without sacrificing a month’s wages in this big city. Their rooms remind me of The Ace in New York, their food is quirky and fun, which is bringing the young folks right into their coffee and cereal bar, and every single member of their staff is considerate, approachable and down right friendly and familiar. I can’t say the same for every hotel I’ve reviewed in the past in London. 

New Road Hotel is located in Whitechapel, E1, London. For those in the know you’ll be familiar with this “happening” part of town (I won’t say “up and coming” as it’s already officially up and come).  It’s in the middle of everything. So if you’re coming to London for the first time and you want a hip part of town to camp out in, New Road Hotel’s your bag. The hotel itself is set in an old factory. Think exposed brick walls and wide open spaces showcasing iron works. It’s hip as hell. The rooms themselves are no different. Each room features large windows that flood each and every inch of the space with light- a welcome change! If you fancy upgrading, you can get a room with a terrace or even a room with a hot tub. That’s a first for me, in London. A hot tub in the city? Yes, please! You can also expect a 49″ flat screen tv, rainfall shower and a bed that is pure heaven. The bed also just happens to make for some great photographs. Just saying. 

Now, let’s talk grub. I’m going to be brutally honest here and say that I thought the restaurant itself, a Marco Pierre White establishment, was a bit of a let down. Breakfast was absolutely missable and dinner was a 6/10. The real winner here is the coffee and bar area, serving up refreshments and American cereals. I fell in love with this concept and space, which completely saved me when thinking about the food here. Marco Pierre White, no. Lucky Charms, yes. You can’t win them all. But then again, there are so many great restaurants in the Whitechapel area, I wouldn’t have told you to stay in and eat here anyway! 

Bottom line -New Road Hotel is a great place to lay your head. It’s a trendy London hotel with inoffensive pricing, friendly faces and a cereal bar to die for. 

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