FFG Travels: Coworth Park

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest for one night and two days at Coworth Park.

Escape to the country“, they said. “It’s just right outside of London and you’ll find yourself in a bubble of relaxation“, they claimed. “They” aren’t usually right, whoever “they” usually are. But, in this instance, the collective were absolutely on key. Two days at Coworth Park, an 18th century home turned hotel near Ascot, was exactly what I needed to get out of my London funk and right back into a summery chill. Of course it helped that my stay coincided with one of the hottest days we’ve had in London all summer. While everyone back in the big smoke was complaining about the sweltering heat, I was picnicking in the shade and dipping into either the pool or my air conditioned room for a bit of heat relief. If I sound smug about it, it’s because I was. Visiting Coworth Park is like visiting your country estate. Well, that is if your country pad has 70 rooms, stables, multiple restaurants, an award winning spa and a special collaboration with Dom Perignon in the works. A girl can dream.

But, I drop the brand name Dom Perignon in there early with a purpose. Yes, it’s placed to impress a little bit, as who isn’t a little bit in awe of this luxury champagne brand. More to the point, however, it’s to give you insight into why I was escaping to Coworth Park in the first place. I was invited to share a new initiative running at the hotel throughout the summer – Dinner Under the Stars with Dom Perignon. A magnificent bubble has been constructed on the lawn of Coworth Park, where white linens adorn a circular table waiting for you to enjoy three to five courses, complete with champagne pairing throughout. Executive chef, Adam Smith, has prepared a most memorable set of dishes to compliment Dom Perignon’s selection of champagnes for every diner. Your job is simply to sit back and enjoy as nature turns down the lights and waiters cater to your every whim as guests of the great outdoors. Sound dreamy? It is! And it’s absolutely ideal for anyone looking to mark a special event. I’m just saying now that I haven’t heard of any proposals going wrong here yet. Get involved.

For those of you that don’t like champagne (who even are you, by the way? ;)), there’s plenty of additional options for dining on sight. The Barn (you’ll see pics below), is a personal favourite. The food is casual and the placement of the outdoor restaurant offers the best view of the sunset while you’re on property. You can also opt for afternoon tea or a picnic in the wildflower fields. This I cannot recommend enough. You’ll have more food than you ever imagined and you will most certainly feel as if you’ve just fallen into a Jane Austen novel as you sit to feast. It’s truly one of the most spectacular memories I’ve taken away with me.

While eating all day is an option for some, others may wish to partake in other activities to relax. There is horseback riding on offer with outstanding grounds of the hotel to explore. You can also book treatments or go for a swim in the spa. Or you can simply opt for getting lost out and about. Walk! Investigate every corner of Coworth Park while you are there. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how much there is to see and do. For me, I could have sat on my balcony all day, with a good book and a large pot of tea. But then, if I had done that you wouldn’t have all these lovely pictures accompanying this piece now would you? Somebody has to do it!

For more information and to make reservations: Coworth Park 


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