An Update: Where I’ve been…and why I’m back

So I suppose I need to start this with an apology. A sincere apology. For my absence. I’ve had a bit of a soul searching summer and some of that has meant picking and choosing which platforms I could deliver on and deliver well, and letting the others rest until I was ready. Sadly, the blog lost in this battle. I’m not one for putting out sub par content. It just isn’t me. You guys deserve more than that after ten years of FFG being in existence. So, I stepped away from the computer. I rested my typing fingers and put long form on the back burner, aside from a few times I just couldn’t resist the urge to sit down and pour my soul out onto the page. That’s when you should sit down, by the way-when you actually have something to say or share. You shouldn’t just start typing because you feel a need to deliver something for someone to chew on. I want to give you guys something to salivate over, always. 

Alright, now that that’s all said and done, let’s address what it is that’s left me searching my soul. It’s heavy. I ain’t gonna lie. And don’t worry, this isn’t me saying I’m thinking about moving back to the USA again. But, it does involve a move. 

A lot has happened in the last six months. So much, in fact, that the last six months have felt like six days. It’s gone by so quickly and it all just seems to be moving faster and faster as we go. What the old folks say is true. Time does speed up as you age. All of the sudden I am one of the old folks and I still feel like I’m 22. How has that happened, exactly? When did I all of the sudden start staring down 40? Anyway, in these past few months I’ve seen people get married, people get divorced, sat by hospital beds (yes plural), attended a funeral, thrown baby showers, been to numerous new home parties and held peoples hands through all of it. If I’m being completely honest, I’ve felt like life was happening to everyone around me and I’ve been the person there smiling, crying or laughing – sometimes all at once – alongside it all. When I had this thought, I knew I had to take a moment. I didn’t feel like the lead character in my life anymore. I felt like the supporting actor, and it scared me to death. 

Ladies and gentleman, you always need to be the lead role in the motion picture that is your life. If for one second you feel that shift, it’s time to regroup and return when ready. And yes, it is that serious. So, that’s what I’ve been doing. Regrouping. Finding me again. Sound cheesy? Yeah, I feel like a giant Gouda writing it. But it’s how I felt. I’ve been reading some great books, listening to a lot of podcasts, spending some weekends away with girlfriends and working hard on keeping the business afloat in the meantime. Please don’t think I just drifted away into some cocoon to read self help books and not worry about how the hell I’m going to make money. Like I said earlier, I kept doing what I felt I could do well and used the extra hours in the day to address the problem. 

But the good news is that I feel like I’m ready to saddle up again and hit the blog running. Through all of this, I’ve remembered that what I love the most is writing. It’s what I’ve always loved and I’ve felt like a part of me has slipped away as the blog took a backseat to so many other jobs, from agencies and brands that were only interested in working on Instagram. Apparently blogs aren’t in fashion anymore. Well, whether they are in fashion or not, this is where my heart sits. This is where I am able to share the real stories of my life and adventures, both good and bad, and I’ve been doing it for ten years next month. That’s a pretty monumental period of time. 

So, what can you expect moving forward? Well, you can expect a daily return to blogging. Everyday there will be something here for you to read. Please do come and visit. I want to bring back things like Outfit du Jour and regular shopping edits as well, as I’ve had so many emails about these. I also just found out last week that I’ll be moving houses again in London – never fun but must be done. So I’m going to be writing about this process in great detail. You guys will also have read that I have a car now, so expect a lot of UK travel features. Basically just a lot of fun to come. 

But for now, I figured you were owed an explanation and a promise for the future. So there you have it. I’m back and ready to share, hopefully, more than ever before. 

A big thank you to everyone that has stuck around here for the past decade. I am fully aware of the fact that a blog is only as successful as its readers and I think I’ve lucked out in that category. So it’s time you were awarded properly for it. And yes, I do mean let’s get some giveaways going as well…

See you tomorrow!

Lots of love, sincerely, I mean it!



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