What I wore: The Suite Life, Celebrity Edge

Above: White Jumpsuit

Before we kick into the full Celebrity Edge Suite experience, I thought I’d kick off first with what I packed. That way, when we’re talking about the cruise, we can focus fully on the experience. What to pack for these sort of trips is deserving of a feature on its own anyway as I find the top question I get asked about cruising is “what to pack.” I’ll start by saying this – the sky’s the limit. The great thing about cruising is that you can pack a million and one outfits. There are no limitations on weight for what you can bring on board. You’re only limited by your airline (if you’re flying to your port of departure) or by how many suitcases you have at your fingertips. 

As far as I’ve seen, the old wardrobing rules of cruising are just that – old. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m going to advocate for tees and jeans for a week. You’re on a cruise ship. That means you’re going to be visiting exotic and fun locations every day. It means every night you’re on board you get to visit a different restaurant and grab a drink in a new and fun place. And yes, for me, that means dressing to my best. So, I too stress over what to pack, but it isn’t because of any rule book telling me I have to wear this or that. It’s simply down to the fact that I want to look my best. 

I always usually lean a little towards nautical. Naturally, there’s a lot of Ralph Lauren involved there. I also tend to embrace bright or white colours. For some reason, cruising for me means you can be loud and proud while on board. You’re only ever a skip and a jump away from your cabin so you can be as outlandish as possible with your wardrobing. If there are ever any malfunctions or you feel you’ve gone too far with your outfit choices, a quick change will only take you as long as it takes to run back to the room. So, there’s a certain sartorial freedom here. Also, as you look around the ship you will see all sorts of styles in play. This is a place to be and be seen. 

The bottom line is this. Have fun! Pack things that make you feel fabulous. Check your weather for the week and make sure you are packing appropriately and then plan as the wind blows you. But, be grand. If you’re cruising on Celebrity Edge, you’re cruising on one of the world’s most stylish ships. Why wouldn’t you want to put your best foot forward?

Here’s a look at some of the outfits I wore while on board over the course of three days. Enjoy! 

 Leopard PJ Set 

White Seersucker Dress

 Blue Blazer, Gold Skirt

 Red Dress

Palm Print PJs


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