Style Update: That Green and White Polka Dot Dress

Never before have I been inundated with so many DMs on Instagram as when I put up the first picture you see in this post. Who knew a little green and white number would cause such a commotion? Well, I suppose I should have known, as I went crazy when I saw this on sale, on the website, for the first time. I couldn’t press purchase fast enough. This is a dress that looks like it deserves a price tag easily in the three figure mark. But, at only £38, I’m starting to think I should have bought two just in case something happens to the first one. Does anyone else think like this? If disaster strikes and someone spills a whole bottle of red down my front, I want to know I have backups. 

The dress was purchased, in actuality, weeks ago. I had kept it hanging in the closet, just waiting for the right time to bring it out into the open. London weather wasn’t cooperating, so when the trip to Marrakech came up, I knew it was time to dust it off and take it out for a spin. The purchasing paid off. I felt like a million bucks wearing this out and about. It fit like a glove, was light weight so perfect for warm weather, and accessorises like a dream. Grab this now. It will sell out, instantly. You’ve been warned!

What I’m Wearing:

Green Polka Dot Dress 


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