Style Update: Mornings in White

I swear to you, I have more dresses hanging in my closet, saved for special occasions, that I ever care to admit to. This one is a perfect example. I bought it thinking, “wouldn’t this be lovely for an afternoon in Provence, in the heat.” Then, I saw it hanging there, pulled it out and repurposed it in my mind as the perfect brunch attire. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and this dress will have been saved for something that never did happen. So out it came, into rotation.

Now, it definitely could have used a good steam and a better bra pairing, but I’m letting it all hang out here for you as that’s just how the morning went. I threw it on, not really thinking about much else and leapt out the front door, happy as a clam to have it on at all. This is such a beautiful dress. I just need to figure out a few important points in wearing for its next outing. For now, I just wanted to share, as it’s too beautiful not to make you aware of it ASAP! Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful day! 

What I’m Wearing:

Sweetheart Midi Dress


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