Style Update: Marks & Spencer Summer Dress Shop

Written in partnership with Marks & Spencer 

I feel like I need to apologise now for the way in which you are about to be inundated with summer looks. The big ball of flame in the sky is out and so are my legs and all of my summer wardrobe, which seems to be growing on a daily basis as retailers all over the country finally get their chance in the sun, literally. One I want to shine a light on, immediately, however, is Marks & Spencer. You guys know I’ve been working with them for years and I feel like every season I say, “this is the best season.” Well, I’m gonna throw it out there again. Summer for M&S is everything you’ve ever dreamt of in dresses. It’s surreal. I want them all, but I don’t have enough closet space or cash to have every single one. So, I’m sharing a few favourites here and a few you’ll be seeing over the next few months, while it’s hot. As these dresses tend to sell out quite quickly, I thought I’d give you links first, tell you to buy now and follow up with style tips as we go. So, here are a few pics of this glorious piece in action and some recommendations down below to buy now as well! Happy wearing! 

What I’m Wearing:

Marks & Spencer Tie Waist Midi Dress

Other Marks & Spencer Dresses that need to be on your radar this season:

Linen Rich Striped Dress £39.50

3/4 Sleeve White Dress £39.50

Linen Blend Round Neck Dress £39.50

Striped Maxi Dress £49.50

Bright Orange Midi Dress £59

Swing Maxi Dress £45

Strapless Print Dress £35

Embroidered Midi Dress £49.50


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