Style Update: Where to buy the perfect spring suits for work and play

Written in collaboration with Marks & Spencer

Last year I dipped into Marks & Spencer to pick up a swimsuit the day before I was flying to the Caribbean for a press trip. I needed a one piece for some water sports and had about half an hour to rush in and rush out with said suit in hand. So M&S it was. Only I ended up being entirely distracted by the most perfect white linen suit. The cropped length on the trouser, the double breasted wooden buttoned blazer and soft white linen sent shock waves through my body. I’d been hunting for this suit, the very one I had in hand, for two decades. And there it was, across the store in a situation where I was looking for a swimsuit. So, I rushed over, grabbed it in my size and went into the fitting room. It was clearly meant to be. It fit like a glove. They had the suit in three colour ways. Dear reader, I bought all three and wore all three throughout the entire warm spring/summer seasons. I must have styled them 1,000 ways to Sunday and they were my most complimented wardrobe pieces of the year. I treated them with tender loving care and packed them away when the leaves started to fall from the trees. Then, last week, I took them out of hiding, dry cleaned them in preparation for another run, and began dreaming of different outfit combinations to come. However, I found myself in M&S again, fingering the racks for spring dress, when I had yet another suit moment in store. This time it was with a short suit that gave me Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman vibes. I moved over to that section of the store to explore more and went into a total tailspin. The suit collection is of another world. There is so much there – colour, pinstripes, linen mixes and more. So naturally, I felt it was my responsibility to share this knowledge with the world.

While I’m hoping M&S reissue the linen suits from last season, here’s a selection of some of the best out on sale at the moment. There is no other store creating pieces like this at the moment. They are investments, without the investment price tag. I cannot recommend highly enough. Get in store, get trying on and grab yourself a few pieces that you’ll wear until they are threadbare! 


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