Style Update: Shoulders out, ladies!

Can we talk a second about dresses with pockets? There have been times that I’ve bought dresses just because they have pockets. They are usually the deciding factor. So why aren’t more designers incorporating them into their designs? And when retailers do include pockets in their designs, why aren’t they shouting about it? I’m pretty sure it’s all we talk about when it comes to the best bits of certain pieces. Pockets are essential. They’re not just there for functionality either. There’s a flattery that comes with having pockets on a garment. It’s almost a safety feature. If you have a place to put your hands, you walk with confidence. Am I wrong? 

Either way, the dress you see herewith, the polka dot perfection, was a design I fell in love with before I even knew it had pockets. When I pulled it out of the bag and found it did have them, I was over the moon. I wore it the very same day it arrived. Sure, it was a little chilly.  But, in the sun, I was comfortable and felt like I was winning at life in my fabulous pocketed frock. Doesn’t get much better, in my humble opinion. I’m celebrating the little victories in fashion these days and this is definitely one of them. 

On a side note, I also found this dress to be a perfect match for The Emily sandal from Marks & Spencer. Yup, that pair that I designed!!! Haha. Not being humble at all about that am I? 

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Polka Dot Off The Shoulder Dress


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