Style Update: A girl for gingham

I clearly have an addiction to gingham, don’t I? There isn’t much to say except “I grew up in the south.” Gingham isn’t just a pattern there, it’s a way of life. So, when I see a gingham dress, I have to buy it. I have zero willpower in this arena. I just can’t say no.

Today’s dress was clearly no exception. In fact, I panicked a little thinking it would sell out before I could press the buy button. Sometimes I rather irrationally think that every women on the planet is also trying to get this exact same dress at the exact same time. When it’s £38, why wouldn’t that be the case? I will wear this until it unravels. That isn’t a threat, that’s a promise. It will be worn for strolls in Hyde Park and on bike rides in South Carolina. It will be dressed up with fancy accessories and dressed down with Converse. There might even be a wide brimmed hat in its future. Only time will tell!  

One thing I do know is that this is absolutely the perfect dress for the heat. It’s that great weight that means it feels like you’re wearing nothing. It also doesn’t cling to you or make you feel self aware of lumps and bumps. It’s just an easy thing to throw on that will make you feel comfortable and stylish. That’s the name of the game right? 

What I’m Wearing: 

Green Check Dress 

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