Style Update: Camo and Culottes

Long live camo and culottes. I’m pretty sure my wardrobe would feel empty without these two, as I have about a dozen variations on both, yet this is the first time I’ve styled the two together. It seems like the most natural combination, so what took me so long? Well, I got there in the end and now you might get sick of seeing my highlight this combo for spring.

Throwing on an ankle highlighting pant and a waist cinching light jacket will become my “get up and go” ensemble as soon as the weather decides to stop dipping into the “it might frost” temperature range. Oh, and I have to point out that there is nothing in this entire outfit that comes in with a price tag higher 40 smackers. And those sandals are only 9.99! I mean you can’t get much better than that. Tell me those aren’t a dead ringer for an Hermes sandal. 

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Camo JacketWhite Jeans, Flat SandalsBag


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