Style Update: Beachy Keen

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Hello, from South Carolina! Sorry for the delay in posting over the past week. It’s been a week I’d quite frankly like to forget, for so many reasons, but I’m also so very thankful I chose this week to come home to be with my family. This is the first week, in ten years, where I haven’t posted on FFG and for that I am very sorry. Rather than droning on about all that, let’s skip right past it and straight into the moment where things got a little less hectic and a great deal more about fashion. That’s what you’re here for anyway right? I’ll start by saying I arrived on the island looking like Caspar the friendly ghost. I hadn’t seen sun for months! As I’m a southern American girl, by birth, it really wasn’t until I moved to England that I started a life without a tan, at the age of 22. So this whole idea of pale skin isn’t one that sits well with me, just because I don’t have that gorgeous English Rose complexion when I haven’t seen the sun, but rather I look quite poorly and almost yellow without that vital sun kissed glow. Give me two days of being out and about in weather where there’s nothing but blue sky and sun, however, and you get a girl who’s ready to throw off all the layers and embrace as little clothing as possible. And that leads us to where we are right here, right now…. in a beach top and trousers.  

I had a touch of sun and all of the sudden the pieces I had been saving for later in the week came streaming out of the suitcase. I had run into a few shops in London before coming home and picked up some summer pieces that won’t be of use to be in London for at least a few months, due to our rather late in the season hot weather. And I swear I must have had about three outfit changes a day, giving them all a workout. My parents must think I’m absolutely mad. One outfit for breakfast, another for walking on the beach and a third for dinner with friends and family. Why not? These clothes might not see the light of a day again until June, the way the London weather patterns are fluctuating (apparently later this week it might get down around freezing again one night…what the heck?).  But, I wanted to make sure and show them all, in the weather they’re intended to be worn in, while they are still in shops! So, this is the first…. a beach set that I absolutely adore. It’s a coordinates moment, which I’ll never grow tired of. It’s easy, breezy and perfect for weather that’s so hot you wish you weren’t wearing anything at all.

Oh, and Boomer the Golden Retriever got involved, naturally. I mean I tried telling him he wasn’t part of the whole ensemble, but he wasn’t having it. He’s always gotta be the centre of attention. Can you blame him? Just look at that face? Honestly, if he could wear dresses, this whole entire blog would be about him and his fashion choices. I am a poorly second to this gorgeous creature. On that note, I’m off to sun with the golden child by my side. He stays with me for about fifteen minutes, then gives up the sun for shade! Hope you’re all having a beautiful Tuesday! 

What I’m Wearing:

Top, Trousers, Hat


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