FFG Eats: Pachamama East

I remember being asked if I’ve ever had Peruvian food, for the first time in New York City last year. I’ll be honest and admit that Peru wasn’t a place I held up on the culinary charts, but I was most definitely told I should rate it highly. I had never had Peruvian food, never thought of it at all, in fact. But, my first visit to Pachamama, in London, completely changed my opinion on Peru and all her glorious food. It was like discovering a long lost love. The combination of fresh ingredients, the use of fish in the most unique and genius ways and the way in which everything was so beautifully presented at Pachamama, truly made me fall in love at first bite. So, when they opened their newest restaurant, in Shoreditch, you have to bet I wanted to be one of the first people through the door.

Located on Great Eastern Street, Pachamama is in the middle of an exploding restaurant scene. On one side of the restaurant they face the newly opened Nobu hotel, with a Nobu inside. On the other side they face Gloria, a brand new Italian restaurant taking the instagram world by storm. Yet, here Pachamama sits, not having to shout about their presence, as their outstanding dishes take all the heat. The decor is, as we’re used to with the brand, earthy and colourful. Natural woods, subtle cement slabs and dozens of green plants everywhere you look, give the space a chilled out vibe. As plates, decorated with flashes of bright colours, arrive at the table, you can see the ambiance reflected in the food. And here’s the best part – the food isn’t just a photographable plate. This is a serving that tastes better than it photographs. So snap a quick pic or two and then put the cameras down and tuck right in while the food is hot. 

Dishes you must order at Pachamama East:

Prawn Toast

Caramelised Aubergine, Peanuts & Coriander Oil

Tuna, Avocado Jalapeno Sauce, Fried Leeks & Radish

Pork Belly Chicharrones

Pachamama East

73 Great Eastern Street

London EC2A 3HR


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