Visiting Mare Street Market

London’s latest and greatest comes in the form of a marketplace in the east end of the city. When I first heard of Mare Street Market, I was told it was worth the trip east for the pizza alone. So, I went, booted, suited and ready for a big slice of cheese and tomato cooked goodness. That’s all I was expecting, nothing more. When I arrived, I wasn’t quite prepared for what was awaiting me.

When you walk into Mare Street Market you quickly realise this is something entirely different. It is an actual marketplace indoors. First of all, that’s handy. London weather is unpredictable at best and being in a warm and dry environment is always appreciated. However, discovering that said comfy place has a delicatessen, floral shop, coffee outlet, vinyl store and two restaurants under one roof is above and beyond the call of duty. 

While I was there specifically to wine and dine in The Dining Room, I was ready to devote my entire afternoon to exploring this little hideaway. But first, pizza. Entering The Dining Room is like entering a Vogue shoot designed by Grace Coddington. The ceiling is full of chandeliers of every variety that hang above antiques tucked away in every nook and cranny. This is a meal all about discovery. It’s a feast for the eyes, before the food ever arrives at the table. But, when the food does arrive, it does not disappoint. The pizza is everything I was promised and more, and I will be back to explore every offering on the menu. The red lentil and coconut dahl could potentially change your life and the fried chicken wings will most certainly require a few additional glasses of water, but are well worth the effort in battling the spice. The only disappointment of the day was the scotch egg, as the saffron completely overwhelmed the dish, in my humble opinion. But, I imagine if you order minus the saffron addition, you’d be onto a winner. 

Overall, my 55 minute trip from west to east was well worth the rather smelly tube journey I had to endure to get there (won’t get started on that, simply a part of London life these days). And yes, I will be back. I kid you not, I’d travel another thirty minutes at least for just one slice of that pizza.

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