Style Update: Too soon for off the shoulder?

Would we say it’s too early to get the shoulders out? It was nearly 70 degrees today in London (yup, I still can’t do celsius) and it was one of those days when you risk it all with your wardrobe. We were up bright and early this morning and headed onto Portobello Road just as the temperatures tipped over into “this could be summer” territory. The market was in full swing, hundreds of tourists were snapping pictures of the beautiful blooms decorating every corner and the smell of fried food was wafting through the air. My destination was Electric House and I had one thing in mind and one thing only – pancakes. I must admit I’m partial to the cakes here but that’s mainly due to the fact that this has been my local for so many years. I like a routine. So sue me.

Speaking of routines, I do have a habit of always taking the same route to breakfast. One of the prettiest walks through the neighbourhood is one that is still a good ten minutes, by foot, from Portobello Road, headed in the direction of Westfield White City. Of course I’m referring to a little domestic heaven called Addison Avenue. I have passed between these four corners more times than I could ever count and each and every time I say a silent wish that one day I may call this home. It’s a peaceful little corner of the world that could exist no where else, other than in London, yet feels like it’s in another universe entirely. You have to see it in person to believe it. The houses are all pastel colours, as is the norm in the neighbourhood these days, but have a sort of quiet grandeur you won’t find anywhere else in the area. 

You’ve seen it featured numerous times here on FFG but I don’t think I’ve ever properly given it its proper recognition. But, it’s the backdrop of today’s style update and I felt the need to send it a little shout out. Let’s not crowd the space. I’m merely suggesting you pass through and give it a wink and a smile (and maybe one or two cheeky snaps with the camera as we did here).

What I’m Wearing:

Off the Shoulder Dress, Earrings, Shoes, Bracelets


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