Style Update: Coordinates for days…

I may be 39, but I truly still feel as if I’m 19 these days. The only sign, that I can see, that I’m getting  any older can be found in the toning down of colour in my wardrobe. No other signs of adulthood found anywhere here, just the introduction of more neutral colours, that don’t shout “look at me” constantly as I walk through the streets of London. I mean, as if being over six feet tall wasn’t enough of an attention grabber, right? Yet, I’m known for embracing every colour of the rainbow and have done for as long as I can remember. Maybe that’s why these moments seem the most shocking, the most risk-taking and the most memorable. These are the style moments when I’m trying classic and demure on for size, but am still able to express myself without feeling stuffy or too “old lady-ish.” I guess that’s what I’m always struggle with – trying to dress my age while still feeling cool.

I’m sure every generation above mine will always frown upon my ripped jeans or my dirty converse sneakers. Truly those are things for twenty somethings to wear, right? Wrong! The classics are just that… classics. Supermodels in their 70s are still rocking ripped jeans, classic white shirts and Converse and making it look chic as hell. The bottom line is this, really. You can always wear whatever you want as long as you feel great in it. Some days you don’t want to wear bright colours. Other days you won’t step out in anything less than electric neon. Today was just one of those days when neutral was my new cool and I rolled with it, and, in this case, photographed the transition!

What I’m Wearing:

Knit Cardigan, Matching Skirt, Tweed Coat, Heels 


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