Style Update: Bloomed too soon

Frankly speaking, the summer we had last month, in February, was just cruel. I spent a series of beautiful days wearing nothing but summer dresses and light trench coats. My legs were out for everyone to see, and you couldn’t miss them as they were white as freshly fallen snow. It was one of those weeks where everyone falls in love with London again. The flowers were in bloom against the bright blue sky, windows were open everywhere and people just couldn’t stop smiling. This is the UK at its finest. You can’t help but adore it. 

So, for me, florals were ready to go on display, as you can see herewith. Alas, I bloomed too soon. The next week the frosts returned, the heavy coats were once again pulled out and the hot water bottles held at the ready. At least I have the pictures to remind me of the insane warmth and hopefully summer is just around the corner. Only time will tell. 

What I’m Wearing: 

Shirt, Skirt, Shoes


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