Style Update: Batter Up

I gotta come clean here, right from the start. I am not a baseball fan. I went to a Red Sox game once in Boston and it was miserable. The only thing I could get behind was the beer and hot dogs that were seemingly endless. Sadly, the athletes were too far away to admire. I only say that as apparently many women go for the nice view on the pitch. Just saying. This isn’t to say I won’t give baseball another go some day, but for now I’m leaving my association with the sport to style choices only. I did wonder, when I picked up this skirt, if it was hypocritical for me to wear something so obviously inspired by a sport I don’t enjoy in the slightest. But then, it occurred to me that baseball is as American as you can get. It’s actually a symbol of the country I call home. So really, I’m just being patriotic in a way that doesn’t involve an obvious American flag. I’m thinking outside the box.

As the baseball statement skirt was a statement and a half all on its own, I did think it would be better to keep the rest of the ensemble simple, letting the red laces take all the heat. The end result was a look I absolutely loved. And yes, this skirt will be worn to death this year. It’s one of those pieces that can be dressed up or down quite easily, depending on what you need it to do. Wear it with a chambray shirt, an oversized sweatshirt or even a cool statement tee and converse. You will see this skirt styled again and again here on FFG, but I doubt it will be available for long. I’m predicting a sell-out. Get involved and fast! This is the pencil skirt that you will be glad you ordered for years to come…

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