What I Wore Last Week: Pizzas, puppies and pandas

If ever there were a story title that describes my week it’s “What I Wore Last Week: Pizzas, Puppies and Pandas.” It doesn’t get much more random, people, now does it? But, there you have it. Doing what I do, no two weeks are ever the same and you won’t hear me complaining. It definitely makes for good dinner conversation, especially when dinner is a heart shaped pizza. The outfits last week were indeed of a random variety. Looking back, I sometimes wonder if you guys think I have seven different personalities when I’m getting dressed. There doesn’t seem to be a constant theme here besides my absolutely adoration of clothing itself. If I love something, even if it’s not my “style” at all, I’ll find a way to make it work, thereby justifying its purchase. So there you go. This is really just a diary of my compulsion to purchase. 


Beverly Hills Sweater

 Polka Dot and Floral Dress 

 Jeans, Jean Jacket, Denim Shirt 

 Sweater, Trousers, Bag, Shoes 

 Silky Wrap Dress 

 Red Jacket, Blue Lip Print Dress

Shirt, Leather Leggings, Shoes 


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