What I Wore Last Week: Pizzas, puppies and pandas

posted on: Thursday, 21 February 2019

If ever there were a story title that describes my week it's "What I Wore Last Week: Pizzas, Puppies and Pandas." It doesn't get much more random, people, now does it? But, there you have it. Doing what I do, no two weeks are ever the same and you won't hear me complaining. It definitely makes for good dinner conversation, especially when dinner is a heart shaped pizza. The outfits last week were indeed of a random variety. Looking back, I sometimes wonder if you guys think I have seven different personalities when I'm getting dressed. There doesn't seem to be a constant theme here besides my absolutely adoration of clothing itself. If I love something, even if it's not my "style" at all, I'll find a way to make it work, thereby justifying its purchase. So there you go. This is really just a diary of my compulsion to purchase.