The three denim styles every woman needs in her closet year round

 The following post is written in collaboration with NEXT. 

I have struggled with denim in dressing rooms for years. I don’t just mean emotionally. I mean I have physically struggled. I’ve wriggled, wiggled, sucked in and more to try and fit into denim in dressing rooms around the world. Thank goodness there aren’t cameras in there. It would make for some hilarious watching today. That’s probably why you haven’t seen 1,001 denim features on FFG. Shopping for denim is depressing. There, I’ve said it. It’s been an experience I’ve never enjoyed. So, in the tradition of full disclosure, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I actually felt ill when NEXT asked me to take part in the “Happy Go-Denim” Campaign. My experience has anything but happy and I have, to this day, never shared anything on FFG that made me feel anything less than amazing. But, I was willing to try on the jeans. I could do that much right? Well, as I’m sure you could guess, as you are reading this now, the end result was above and beyond what I was expecting.

Now, I must say I’ve always enjoyed working with NEXT as I know I can talk to absolutely every size woman when doing so. They cater for petite, tall, plus and regular sizes. That’s pretty much 95% of sizing. So, I feel good about working with them. I know you, dear reader, whatever your size, will be able to join me along in this shopping feature. But, would the denim live up to the rest of their shopping glory?

For trying on the jeans, I ordered three sizes in three styles. These were the three styles I believe every single woman should have in their wardrobes. They are the essentials. We’ll get to that in a moment. When going through the NEXT site, I was confronted with 8 different collections and 9 styles to choose from. This doesn’t factor in all the different washes, as well. Let’s just say I was spoiled for choice. 

The jeans arrived and, much to my surprise, I ended up being the same size in every single style. That NEVER happens when ordering online… ever.  So, I have to take my hat off to NEXT. That’s an incredible experience and above and beyond the competition. But, how did the denim stack up to the everything else out there? 

Well, here are a few things I will say. The 360 stretch is incredible. The jeans hug like lycra, without showing off your cellulite (which I have practically down to my knees these days) and they do not stretch so much that you have baggy knees and a loose waistband by the end of the day. They hold their stretch. Every single jean I chose had stretch in it, so this was super important. I am also a huge fan of the denim colour itself. I’ve washed two pairs of the jeans twice and they’ve kept their wash, which is also a massive plus point. Basically, I’m a newbie fan, if you can’t tell already.

Now, lets talk about the actual jean styles themselves… and why you need these three styles of denim in your life for the foreseeable future.

1. The Boyfriend Jean

The Boyfriend jean is probably the chicest thing we’ve ever borrowed from the boys. The first girl to steal and wear her boyfriend’s actual jeans deserves a medal of honour, in my opinion. So lady, I salute you. This is my ultimate favourite style of denim. You can dress it up or dress it down. Dress it up with a sequin top, a tuxedo jacket and some epic heels. Dress it down for a day at home just as I have here, with a comfy sweater and no shoes at all. 

Shop the Look:

NEXT boyfriend Jeans, Knit Oversized Sweater

2. The Flared Jean

I used to call the flared jean my ‘working denim’. I could almost get away with wearing this to the office. Almost. In fact, I did wear flared dark denim to the office about seven or eight times before I got called out on it. I worked in a suited and booted office environment back in the day. These days I can wear flared denim wherever I want and it really is the cut with the most sophisticated slant. Wear them with heels and buy them long to give yourself a never ending leg look. 

Shop The Look:

Flared Denim, Blazer, Kitten Heels, Bag

3. The Black Skinny Stretch Denim

I swear I wear this style more than anything else. A stretch black denim can be worn any number of ways, but I tend to always wear mine with tall boots. It’s a step above just stepping out in leggings and boots, when you want to pair the bottom with a great knit or a cute cropped jacket. These NEXT jeans are 360 stretch, which means they hug, and don’t tug, in all the right places. I gotta tell you, I’ve actually gone back and bought two more pairs since the collaboration photos were taken. I love them and will wear them to death. 

Shop the look:

360 Stretch black denim, Yellow Blazer, Pink Shirt, Plaid Coat


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