Shopping Edit: Lobsters in Fashion

You’ve seen my shoe design, you know my obsession with lobsters is a real thing! That’s why every season I do a bit of a round up for shopping lobsters in fashion and this season is particularly special as my own design gets to be a part of that roundup. The only problem here is that my shoe isn’t out for another month! But there are so many lobster styles out right now, I couldn’t wait another month to do the roundup. So, let’s just earmark the shoe to mention again later. It’s on your radar. For now, let’s concentrate on what lobsters you can buy here and now! 

The following is a roundup of everything from sweaters to clutches, and a lot in between. Some things are on sale, so act fast. Other things are just in stock for Valentine’s Day, as they are all playing off the “you’re my lobster” Friends moment for the big lovey day ahead. Any way you slice it, the world is lobster crazy and I wouldn’t risk sitting on any of these items if you want them in your wardrobe. Without further ado, I give you the biannual lobster fashion edit….


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