FFG Eats: Kerridge’s Bar & Grill, The Corinthia, London

FFG was a guest for lunch at Kerridge’s.

Tom Kerridge has opened London’s latest culinary experience with plates like nothing the world has ever seen before. There is a pig pie that will quite literally leave you on a high that was yet to be discovered by food. With my first bite, I swear I could hear angels singing. Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme. However, one struggles to find a word worthy enough for praising this truly unique mouthful. And that was just the beginning of our dining experience at Kerridge’s Bar and Grill in The Corinthia Hotel. 

The menu itself, at Kerridge’s Bar and Grill, can feel almost overwhelming. It’s not because of its size, but rather its quality. Reading the menu is like reading poetry, if poetry could make you drool. So, narrowing your order down to three courses is damn near impossible. At the time of our dining, we were thankful for our wait staff, who directed us on dishes not to be missed and how much to order. This isn’t a dainty eating experience. The portions are large and so incredibly rich that one course alone would satisfy most. Naturally, we went in with eyes that were ten times bigger than our stomachs. When it was suggested we order not three, but four courses, it seemed doable. We were defeated, but at least managed to try it all.

The meal started with the aforementioned pig pie. I do believe this is the most instagrammable dish on the menu. When it arrives, a pig’s snout, in the the form of pastry, stares up at you from the plate. Served with buttered mash, topped with fried black pudding, and a thick gravy, this should have been the only thing I ordered. It was dense, packed with flavour and enough to leave the restaurant knowing I had tripped upon something other-worldly. However, we were told we simply couldn’t leave without trying the lobster thermidor omelet. Who am I to argue? Between our starter and main, the lobster omelet arrived. It was perhaps the ugliest of dishes I’ve seen in a while, in a world where every chef seems to be preparing food for photographs. Of course the ugly dish ends up being the most prized to hit the table. Order this, people. Order this. The chef has designed this with tastebuds in mind, not instagram…. Amen. 

When our mains arrived, we were already well into the meal sweats. We’d gone big and we didn’t want to go home. The smell of the rib of beef with wild mushroom ragout was too much to resist, however. When it was placed in front of me, along with chips and gherkin ketchup, I wished I had spaced these courses out over three days. Then, feeling like a total hypocrite, I took one bite and couldn’t imagine waiting another day to bite into this delicious, melt in your mouth, tender as hell piece of meat. I may have also stolen a bite of my lunch partner’s fish and chips, curious as to how a world renowned chef would interpret such a classic British dish. He won. That’s it. He just won. A marvel.

If you are looking for a special lunch or dinner in the Big Smoke, Kerridge’s should most certainly be on your radar. The prices aren’t for the faint of heart, but one never does seem to pay small prices for dishes with massively punchy flavours these days. Let this be what it is – a place to visit for an important moment. The food is too rich to make it an every day visit, not to mention the fact that you’d probably be a candidate for a quick heart attack if you tried it. 

More info: Kerridge’s Bar and Grill


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