Borrow from the boys: The one place you aren’t looking for the best sale deals for your closet

Come end of sale time, I know we’re all about at wit’s end when it comes to sifting through the bargain bins out there. But, I can guarantee there’s one place you aren’t looking, where you are going to find a treasure trove of deals- the men’s department. When it comes to sale, this is where you are going to find all the pieces the designers decided to take a “risk” with that landed them flat on their face. These are the pieces that are heavily discounted and also incredibly unique. Just to give you an accurate look at what you’re missing, I decided to scroll through the entire men’s sale section of ASOS. That’s over 22,000 items. I’m just saying. This wasn’t an easy task, but it was insanely rewarding. I have a delivery arriving tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited to get stuck into some of the finds. I’ll be throwing that up over on instastories as soon as the package comes to the front door. But, for now, I thought I’d show you a selection of what I found, in an effort to make sure this part of the online store doesn’t sit unnoticed by the serious fashionista!

Let’s start with outerwear. Most designers these days are creating their coats in oversized styles. So why not step into the men’s department for a look around? The effect will be more high end than high street when styled with sharp dresses or skirt/shirt ensembles. Here are a few examples found:

I know this is fast forwarding a bit, but I swear I’ve found all of my best festival gear in the ASOS Men’s sale bin, from oversized rock tees to bum bags…

Again, while looking at oversized sweaters, go somewhere you’ll know they’ll truly be oversized and long… the men’s department. 

For any ladies out there looking for shoes in larger sizes or a wider fit, look no further. The men’s department is your secret weapon. 

While we are talking about shoes, let’s go ahead and throw out that there are some kick ass accessories available for next to nothing… all pretty much under a tenner!


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