5 days of southern style stateside: A week of southern living after three days of airport drama

The holiday period this year was, well, it was stressful. For those of you that follow me on instagram, you’ll know that this particular Christmas was eventful, to say the least. On December 20th, I made my way to Gatwick airport to start the long journey home to Charleston. It was already going to be an eighteen hour trip because of layovers, connecting flights, etc. But, that morning, the universe had other plans. I arrived at Gatwick airport to a terminal overflowing with people. It was drone day. On this morning, some idiots decided it was a good idea to disrupt everyone’s holidays by flying a single drone over Gatwick Airport. I waited in the airport for seven and a half hours and was repeatedly assured that I would fly to the USA on the scheduled day. I changed my second flight to the latest one of the night and said a little prayer. Then, six hours after arriving for my first flight, the “cancelled” text came. My flight wouldn’t be leaving. In fact, the entire flight was scraped. It seemed, in that moment, it felt like Christmas was cancelled too. I collected my luggage and made my way home, all the while on hold with the airline, trying to reschedule my ticket. Add to this that the flu had also decided to bed into my system and I was an emotional wreck.

Yes, I cried on instastories. I cried big, sloppy tears of emotional distress. I was begging for help. I was begging for a way home. Gatwick kept cancelling flights. It seemed very strange, the whole thing. Shutting one of the world’s biggest airports for a day and a half because of a drone?! Ridiculous. But then, after four changed and cancelled flights, I was finally confirmed on one going to New York the next afternoon. I made my way back to the airport full of mistrust for my scheduled departure. 

The entire journey back to Gatwick, I answered the hundreds of DMs that came in from around the world, from people offering me a place at their Christmas table. Anyone that says social media is an evil and soulless place needs to see what I was seeing on that day. People I’d never met before in person were offering up their families for the big day. They were welcoming me in with open arms and I could honestly feel the love coming in from all corners of this little island I call home. But, I had two golden fur babies eagerly awaiting my arrival in the US of A. I couldn’t let them down. I had to get home. Come hell or high water, I was going to be home for Christmas.

Unbelievably, my flight left Gatwick only an hour after it’s scheduled departure time, or 28 hours after my original departure time. I then arrived in New York City to news that would further test my patience. My next flight was delayed four and a hour hours. I would be arriving in Charleston at 3am. From there, it would be a further hour’s drive before I’d be home on the island. 

At 5am, Eastern Standard Time, I walked through my front door. Well, I tried to walk through my front door. I didn’t make it far before being mowed over by two golden pups that had been told all day I was coming home to them. I don’t think I’ve ever cried happier tears in my life. I had made it. It might have taken two whole days of travel to get there, but I was home, where I belonged. 

The travel time was forgotten instantly as I fell asleep with a snoring Boomer laying beside me. The next morning when I woke up, the pups were making sure I couldn’t get far. Boomer was asleep with his head across my neck and Brody had decided my ankles made a fine pillow. I just lay there and smiled. For the first time in a long time, I remembered that Christmas really was THIS for me. It was about being with family, with the dogs, eating lots of ridiculously decadent food and just enjoying each other’s company. I didn’t need anything else at all. Well, except for maybe a few outfit photos.

And that’s where we find ourselves today, examining what I wore while at home in Southern bliss. As usual, there’s a good mix of UK and USA in the brands. I like to showcase brands from both my “homes” these days. So here we go. Let’s dive into five days of style stateside…. 

 M&S Long Plaid Dress, Cardigan (Similar)

Leopard Sweater CoatTopsider Shoes, Overalls 

 Dress, Jacket 

 Tuile Skirt, Denim Jacket 

Oversized Cardigan, Plaid shirt, Trousers


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