Top 10 Christmas Ads that will make you feel fuzzy and festive

Occasionally, the Grinch comes out in us all during the holiday season. Christmas shopping, decorating, cooking and cleaning the house for relatives can all be a bit much. It’s so easy to lose sight of what’s important this time of year. So, in celebration of all the reasons we love Christmas, and to get you in the festive mood, should your holiday heart be cold as ice, here are ten adverts that will have you reaching for Kleenex, followed by the phone…. to call someone you love. Too dramatic? Trust me, watch ahead…

1. The Heathrow Bears. 

The music, the family, the longing to be home…. it’s all here and it’s enough to bring anyone to buy a ticket home immediately. Heathrow definitely wins when it comes to this campaign. It just doesn’t get any better. Truly. 

2. John Lewis Man on The Moon 

A great reminder for us all this season that not all of us are blessed with family on Christmas. Let this act as a prompt for little acts of kindness over the holiday season. The smallest things can sometimes be the biggest deal to someone who is alone this year.

3. McDonald’s Carrots for the Reindeer

Who didn’t drive their parents crazy about leaving food out for Santa and the reindeer when they were a kid? This captures it perfectly and it just so darn cute it hurts. 

4. John Lewis The Long Wait

The most unexpected yet adorable ending in all of Christmas ad history…

5. Apple iPhone Capture

Another tearjerker. Get the box of Kleenex out ASAP. Teenagers… you never know what to expect. 

6. M&S Mrs. Clause

For anyone that has a big sister or a little brother, get ready for some big laughs and some serious tears. This made my day and broke my heart. I’m still recovering from watching the first time it came out years ago.

7. A Hallmark Throwback

I remember watching this ad when I was 10 years old and thinking it meant something special. For me, even then, I knew I was special to have the dad I did. Even today, I feel like the luckiest daughter on earth. But doesn’t every little girl that adores her father?

8. John Lewis Always a Woman

Ok, last John Lewis one, I promise. They’re just so good. But this one, in particular, breaks me every time…. watch and try not to cry. I dare you.

9. Apple’s Sway

More than anything, this is just a beautiful advert. It’s a mini rom com set to music. Get lost in the dancing…

10. Hallmark’s Big Brother

Growing up, I thought my two big brothers hung the moon. So, this advert meant everything to me. They would come home from school and make our family complete again. We haven’t had a Christmas together in many years, so this particular ad I have a very hard time watching at any time of year. But, at Christmas, it breaks me in two.


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