Style Update: Horsin’ Around

Horses and bears….it might seem like an odd combination, but in the world of Ralph Lauren it’s nothing shocking. Bears in the windows with next level equestrian on the sweaters, that’s just how they roll. And I’m rolling into winter wearing Ralph from head to toe. Is it strange that’s how I dress to go into the store to shop? Most days I think the sales associates must believe I’m an employee of the company come over from NYC. I mean who goes into a store wearing the designer head to toe? The answer is me. But then again there are very few days that I leave the house without something from this American legend. 

The love affair with Ralph Lauren will never end, but if you’ve been reading FFG for the past decade, you’ll know that this blog was built on Ralph Lauren. My love for all things style begins with this brand in mind and it doesn’t end with clothes. The Ralph Lauren way of life has invaded my home, my sports attire and, yes, even the dogs’ wardrobes. But today, I’m here just to talk about a current season sweater and bag. Oh and I have to mention that a trip to central London without a look in at the Ralph Lauren windows is a wasted trip indeed. Right then, back to….

What I’m Wearing:

Polo Ralph Lauren Sweater, Ricky Bag, Trousers, Flats


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