Style Update: Blending in…

Some days it’s not all about the colour. Some days you just want to fade into the background. Harder said than done when you are 6’2. But today, I’m wearing camouflage and neutrals in an effort to just blend in and not call too much attention to myself with the bright neons I am sometimes known for throwing around. I do think one of the most important things about any wardrobe is flexibility. Read that to mean you need options. 

You need clothes that will correspond to your mood. Given that people’s moods really do shift on a daily basis, it’s good to give yourself some breathing room with selections. Don’t be the girl that only wears black, but always be the girl that has at least one little black dress in her wardrobe. Never say never to anything until you’ve tried it at least once! Oh, and only ever wear clothes that will bring your comfort, not only physical comfort but also mental comfort knowing you are presenting you at your best.

Alright, I think that’s enough style lecturing today, don’t you? 

What I’m Wearing:

Camo Jacket, Turtleneck, Knit Skirt, Belt, Clutch


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