FFG Eats: Motley at Qbic, Whitechapel, London

If you had asked me about anything “East London,” last year, I would have told you you’d have better luck asking for advice about visiting Timbuktu. I knew the grand sum of nothing about this part of the world. I’ve lived North and West for my entire career in London and have only ever ventured East for photoshoots now and again, or perhaps the occasional birthday party. I am a fish out of water in this part of the world. Or I should I say I was? The past few months, I’ve spent a lot of time in this part of the world, exploring the area with friends and family, and I’ve absolutely fallen in love as a result. Part of me is so happy there are parts of London I’m still just learning to love and another part of me is upset for not moving here when I first relocated to London. East London in my twenties would have been surreal. Just surreal. But, this new love will hopefully work to your advantage as I discover and write about this part of the world more and more here on FFG. We’ll kick off with a bit of an unexpected location in one of London’s greenest hotels –Qbic. This is Motley, the in house restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For my intro to the space, I was sitting for breakfast, with five of my favourite foodies on the London scene. We were saying goodbye to a friend who was about to go travelling and Motley made sure our table was overflowing with morning marvels. From baked eggs to fresh waffles, there was something for both the sweet and savoury lovers at the table. 

Located in the heart of Whitechapel, I would say this is an ideal location to pop in for a big breakfast with friends, or even a simple coffee and a quick go on the laptop. The decor is chic and clean and the staff most definitely offer service with a great big smile. Is it just me or is London really starting to showcase an almost unusually friendly face in service that didn’t exist ten years ago? You won’t hear me complaining. It reminds me of home! 

Visit Motley at Qbic.

42 Adler Street

London E11EE


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