Style Update: Rainbow Brite

 If you live in London, well, I feel for you right now. We are all dealing with the fact that the sun is starting to go down at 3:30 and the hours of sunlight that we do have aren’t so sunny at all. These are the grey days. They are tough. They are a challenge. The grey days are a test of our patience. All I really feel like doing is leaving the house in colours that match the weather. I want to be neutral. I have the excitement of a slug. But, I’m forcing myself in another direction. I’m forcing myself away from the rain and head first into the rainbow. It’s taking every ounce of effort I have in me, but I refuse to give into the greyness. 

This is probably the brightest I can ever go, or will go this season. It doesn’t get much more “loud and colourfully proud” does it? And this was on the greyest day we’ve had yet. The fog was thick, the mist was rolling in with threats of frizzy hair and damp clothing, and I was out on the streets of the city of London twirling around like a woman on a mission. So, granted, I was dressed for an event. But, I wore said outfit all day and every single time I looked in the mirror, I found myself smiling. All was grey around me and I was lit from head to toe with colour. How can you not smile back with that much wattage coming back at you? 

What I’m Wearing:

Sheer Rainbow Dress 


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