Style Update: On the Rocks

There’s a magic to beaches that’s found in the constant soundtrack of breaking waves, the footprints left behind on the wet sand along your journey and the effortless beauty of sunrises and sunsets every day and every night. There’s a reason people dream of living by the sea and it has everything to do with these magical qualities, which I do believe can completely transform one’s life. Whenever I find myself reviewing a property by the seaside, the first thing I always do (no matter how cold it may be) is walk down into the water, with shoes off and all my senses wide open. The sounds, the smells, the feel of the ocean breeze in your hair and the sand between your toes should come as a prescription for anyone experiencing any sort of anxiety. 

On our last day in Cornwall, I made my way down to the beach to say my goodbyes, formally. I left my shoes in the hotel, smiled at the Indian Summer that had presented itself with a day warm enough for me to wear a dress and nothing else, and sat upon the rocky cliffs surrounding the shoreline. I found time to give thanks for being able to experience it all. I found time to close my eyes, lay back onto the cold stone and forget that I had anything other to do that day. I nearly forgot to take pictures of the dress I was wearing, if we’re actually going for the whole honesty thing here. But, as a good little fashion blogger, I set up the tripod and snapped away a few images so that I could share this beautiful dress, which now comes in ten different colour combos. You know a clothing brand has found they’re onto a good thing when…

What I’m Wearing:

Embroidered Dress


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