Style Update: A lesson in London layering

Londoners, this week is going to be a cold one. There is sure to be frost, blustery winds and the occasional tube torment (actually, that’s always isn’t it?). So it’s officially time to start thinking about layering like a boss, lady. All Londoners know that layering in the winter months is an essential lifesaving skill. You step out of your house into freezing cold conditions, in need of gloves, hats, huge coats and more. You then step onto the Tube, and into someone’s armpit, and wish you were wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts. This whole in and out of the cold business ain’t easy and don’t you let anyone downplay it. You have to learn to layer. You have to embrace throwing at least four or five warming/removable options into any ensemble and it’s not easy to do, sometimes, without looking like the stay puffed marshmallow man.

So, I’m going to be spending a lot of time this season talking about layering. I’m kicking off with an item from last week that was light layering on a warmer day than we are going to be having this week. If this were for a proper winter’s day, I would have included tights, mittens, a hat, a coat over the shoulders and maybe even a scarf. The sweater over the shoulders can be put on for extra warmth as well! It’s a game of shedding, really! I wanted to write “stripping” there, but it seemed wildly inappropriate. Although, that is honestly what it feels like when you’re undressing layer after layer in front of other people on the tube! 

What I’m Wearing:

H&M Dress (similar), Marks & Spencer Blazer, Polo Ralph Lauren Bag, ASOS Shoes 


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