Style Update: Do not disturb these pajamas

Over the past three of four years, I have become a collector of pajamas. Call me crazy, but I absolutely love the comfy cozy loungewear that allows me to crawl out of bed and straight onto the couch on a weekend morning. In this instance, however, I crawled out of bed and rolled onto the beach with a cup of coffee. You see, when I was little I remember my grandmother telling me that one should always wear pajamas to bed so that you aren’t running out of the house naked if there’s a fire or another emergency. Her reasoning may be been a bit extreme, but it’s stuck with me, as have the pajamas.

I must have about fifteen sets in my closet and they come from every shop, high and low, and have no particular order for how they are worn – except for flannels at Christmas, always! So, if you ever see a very tall, mad, jet lagged girl running down the hallway of a foreign hotel, in posh jammies and in search of an ice machine, chances are it’s probably me! There, you’ve been warned. I hope my grandmother’s words are also making you think twice about what you wear to bed! I don’t, personally, feel like my whole neighbourhood needs to see me stark naked. But who knows…. maybe a few of you are exhibitionists at heart 😉 For those like me, here are the details of the Pjs in this pic.

What I’m Wearing:

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