Style Update: Christmas Cozy

The weather is turning, the leaves are all starting to disappear and our closets have fully shifted from summer dresses to heavy coats. While I love holiday ensembling as much as the next person, there’s really one style of dressing that I look forward to so much more. For me, winter is all about cashmere comfort. Go ahead, call me a snob, but it’s the one way in which I truly spoil myself every Christmas. And yes, I do spoil myself. I also happen to find one shop gets me in trouble, in particular – The White Company. 

For years, I’ve been building up a collection of The White Company cashmere separates. At first, my collection starting with loungewear in mind. The cashmere I purchased was all about private indulgences.  Bridget Jones, Haagen Dazs and my main mirror were the only peeps getting a glimpse of me in my cashmere. But, times have changed, as have styles that have been released, and over the past two years I have found that my cashmere is no longer only about personal moments in front of the tele with a hot choc or ice cream. The White Company cashmere I’m buying now is meant to be worn out and about, styled to cozy perfection for the whole world to see. I am a walking ad for keeping it classy and cozy in this year’s latest offering. And I have to tell you that when The White Company got in touch with their latest catalogue for the new season, I had visions of spending an entire festive season floating around London in a cloud of cashmere. It really is that good.

From all black ensembles to winter whites, there’s something here for everyone and it all comes with a guarantee of feeling luxurious from the moment you slide into each and every piece. I have actually made audible sighs of happiness when getting dressed in the morning. The comfort is real! 

What I’m Wearing: All The White Company


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