FFG Travels: Chapel House, Penzance, Cornwall

The older I get, and let’s not sugarcoat this people, as I am ageing rapidly, the more inclined I am to seek out places that bring me tranquility. Long gone are the adventure excursions on a monthly basis. They’ve been replaced by a hunt for something that will quiet my soul and give me a moment or two to just breathe in and breathe out. In reality, I wish I had made the switch ages ago, as it means I would have discovered Chapel House, in Penzance, years before now. 

This little heaven, tucked away on one of the prettiest corners of the famous town, is, in itself, an exercise in mindfulness. Each and every corner is decorated to minimalist perfection, allowing guests to be in awe of their decorated surroundings, but not overwhelmed. It is all too tempting to not leave the premises at all, but rather curl up with a good book and a cup of tea, perhaps in one of the many baths that have views overlooking the endless water down below. After one of owner Susan Stuart’s breakfasts, you may have no choice. The breakfast, cooked fresh every morning for guests, with all local ingredients, may induce the food coma that is the catalyst for doing just that. In fact, I recommend at least one day of this sort of uninterrupted relaxation. This beautiful building is a getaway space. It’s an escape from reality, from the hustle and bustle of the rat race of everyday life. It will, in actual fact, reenergise your spirit and appetite for life. And when you finally feel ready to venture outside the safe doors of Chapel House, a beautiful town, ready for exploration, is waiting. 

There are a few places that you absolutely must visit, while in residence at Chapel House, Penzance. First up, spend a day lounging and doing laps at the Jubilee Pool. Order a crab roll and a scone. That’s a must. Wash it all down with a fresh juice, and soak up as much sun as is on offer. Then, make time in your schedule to visit the famous Tremenheere gardens. You will discover another world here, entirely, with endless hills of exotic plant life (it’s also a photographer’s dream). If you fancy a sophisticated cocktail, head over to the Artist’s Residence Penzance, where you will find a dreamy front room and a rather lengthy list of original drinks on offer. As far as dinners are concerned, I can highly recommend a cab ride over to The Gunard’s Head. The food here is next level and the atmosphere is country relaxation perfection.

Should you be looking for more recommendations on what to do, see and eat while in the area, I can’t recommend enough that you pick up a copy of Weekend Journals Cornwall. This book formed the spine of our itinerary. I just wish we had more time in the area to explore all the places that were suggested!  

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