FFG Travels: The beauty of Babington House

The morning of this year’s first frost, I was bundled up against the elements with knee high wellies on my feet, a heavy coat over my shoulders and a big wooly hat atop my head. I had ventured out to watch the sunrise over the rolling hills of Somerset and found myself paralysed in a moment of such natural beauty that, for the very first time, I felt a twinge of guilt in picking up my camera to capture it all. I wanted the moment to be mine. So, I sat and watched as strokes of pink and orange began to paint the mist on the ground and the clouds in the sky. It wasn’t until the sun finally peeked over the horizon that I let go of the idea that this moment was mine and mine alone. I picked up the camera and went to work, capturing the beauty of a sunrise at Babington House.

Located just a short train journey from London, Babington House will make you feel as if you are in another world entirely. This is where the tired London souls come to forget the cement jungle in their rearview mirror. They arrive to breathe fresh air, to run in the morning mist, to swim in the evening fog and to eat like kings and queens of England. And if you’re a sunrise and sunset obsessive, as I am, you come to see the British countryside showcase it’s most beautiful welcome and goodbye to the day, preferably with a hot or cold beverage in hand.

My first visit to Babington House was organised in the form of a celebration. For nearly a quarter of a century, Babington has acted as a getaway in the countryside for people all over the globe. How I’ve managed not to make it for a weekend out here, after 16 years of living in London, I’ll never know. But my great error has been corrected and I am now well and truly in love. Never before have I felt so relaxed, so comfortable and so at ease with everything around me, from the staff to the settings.

For our first day on the property, we were treated to a special lunch in the walled garden, prepared by my dear friend Anna Barnett. Pumpkins decorated our table as the area was bathed in sweet smelling smoke of the lunch to come. We wined, we dined, we strolled, we laughed, we cried, and ultimately we got lost in a paradise that seemed to exist in a parallel universe.

While I could wax lyrical for another 700 words on the beauty of Babington House, I will just say this is a place best experienced for yourself. The rooms are reasonably priced, as is the food, the wine and any spa experience you may wish to add onto your adventure. If you are at the end of your rope, let Babington bring you back to life. If I could, I’d make this my monthly weekend retreat. I came back to London feeling like a new person, ready to tackle any task. But, my heart still longs for cold morning walks on crisp grass in the fields of Babington.


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