The Art of The Lowcountry Table Setting: From picnics to seafood smorgasbords

I call London my place of residence, but the southern states are really my home. The Spanish moss covered oaks, the hot and sticky air and a sky lit with lightning bugs are all permanent fixtures in my mind when I think of southern moments at their finest. Imagine sitting at a kitchen table with views of endless marshland, live oak lined drives and massive fields all around you. It would be criminal not to take the indoors out and enjoy your surroundings when you’re in the Lowcountry. So, that’s what I do. I take every opportunity to share my love of my hometown with friends, family, visitors and more. I’m given the greatest backdrops to entertain and I use them to the best of my ability. However, until this summer, I’ve very rarely shared them with you. I’ve kept my cards very close to my chest with the delights of outdoor dining in the Lowcountry. I can’t really explain why I’ve been so closeted, but I’m slightly embarrassed by the fact that this is the first time I am truly waxing lyrical about setting up the perfect southern dinner party, or in fact, the perfect southern picnic for one.

However, after a fortuitous meeting with Amara Living in London, just a few days before I came back to the states for the summer, a plan was hatched to showcase my love of both London and South Carolina. I was bringing one of my longtime favourites in the UK, A by Amara Living, back to the US with me to showcase a British brand in a classic southern setting. I was given free reign to create content in my own backyard, for social channels, using the product as accessories to the perfect table settings. I worked with everything from elaborate picnic baskets to kitchen basics that are exceptional quality and classic pieces that I wish I could tell you I got to keep for myself. Sadly, they were dinner party special only. Needless to say, the compliments about each and every piece, from cheeseboards to dinner plates, were endless. And never fear, my American readers, as Amara is a global brand. I wouldn’t dream of showcasing a UK product in America that wasn’t available to buy in both countries. That would just be cruel at the end of the day.

So, after five weeks of various dinner parties, picnics and seafood cocktail hours, I narrowed down my selection of shares to three main events that I felt most accurately showcased not only the beauty of A by Amara Living products, but also the natural allure of the American Lowcountry. 

Here’s your first look. And remember, visitors are always welcome when I’m in residence. 


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