Style Update: Wild at Heart in the West

The heart is a funny thing isn’t it? When they say “home is where the heart is,” I don’t think “they” intended for people to live in multiple places. I know, for a fact, my heart has been sliced in two. I’m one foot in America and one foot in England. For years, I had so much trouble dealing with that division. I didn’t know where I was supposed to be and I kept thinking that making one place more “permanent” than another would somehow make me happier.

Being home, where I’m from, was perhaps where I belonged. Was the big city of London, England, really the place for me? Yet, every time I’d return to West London, I would find myself out and about on a beautiful day, like today, and think, “how could I ever leave?” So, I settled for a broken heart. It may not be the traditional broken heart, but it was definitely torn. That is until this year. Magically, I’ve found the perfect balance of new home and old home and I’ve discovered that not all broken hearts are bad things. I’m lucky to have a home in the USA and a home in the UK. And it took me realising that to truly discover that the position I’m in is quite simply sensational. So, I’m out to Sunday lunch with a bit of a spring in my step and a sense of quiet calm at realising some things in life just aren’t meant to be easy. 

What I’m Wearing:

Zara Chain Jacket, Marks & Spencer Skirt, Polo Ralph Lauren Bag, Boden Shoes


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