Style Update: Styled by Eva Mendes

I love being able to share online discoveries of great brands and not so well known collaborations with you guys as often as I can. I think there is so much going on with shopping online that we often miss out on the collections that are really deserving of headlines and often don’t get them, for whatever reason. I call them the “sleepers.” A part of me loves that, globally, these collections aren’t spoken about as much as they could be, as it means I can get in and grab the product as it launches without worrying about anything selling out immediately. So, I’m almost a little hesitant to say this out loud, but one of my favourite designers over the past couple of years has actually been….drum roll please…. EVA MENDES.

Yes, Eva Mendes has a collection in the USA. She designs a range for New York & Company and it’s on another level of brilliance from prints to lush knitwear. Over the summer I’ve worn several of her dresses (now mostly sold out  as the new season is in but showcased below). And each time I step out I get asked where to buy said dress. That’s the mark of something special. And the look on people’s faces when I tell them it’s Eva Mendes is always priceless. She’s been designing for them for five years now!!!! Anywho, have a look below, add this to your bookmarks of places to shop and stay on top of it. There are some great finds in here that work for everything from weekends in the country to weeknight cocktail parties in the city. 

Shop The Eva Mendes NY & Co Collection


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