Style Update: Shopping a blogger’s closet

Consider this an official public service announcement. This week, Nordstrom launched a collection with a style blogger that, as expected, nearly sold out the moment it hit stores and online. Nordstrom does seem to have the magic touch, or is it that they know who to work with? This collaboration was most definitely a match made in heaven. A style blogger that has been influencing closets for the past decade teaming up with a national shopping treasure could only be a thing of greatness right? Well, there were a few reasons this particular collaboration is garnering a great deal more attention than your average influencer collab. 

First of all, the collaboration in question is with Blair Eadie, of Atlantic-Pacific fam. One look at her site and you will see this isn’t your average influencer. Blair has an eye for fashion that is both completely unique, yet entirely relatable. Of course these combined attributes make her a retail dream. She styles herself impeccably on a daily basis, sharing ideas on everything from print combinations to layering techniques and she just makes everything look so darn easy. 

So, you can imagine that when the collaboration was announced, people went a bit crazy. Finely Blair was turning her talent to not just inspiring American consumers, but allowing them to bring a piece of her style imagination into their own closets. The end result is something of true greatness, from plaid overcoats to oversized skirts one could easily see making an appearance on Sex & The City, should that ever find a remake. 

Blair didn’t seem to play by any rules but her own in designing this line. The collection is brave. She may take what looks like a big risk, to the outside world, but everything is truly calculated style steps. She seduces every blog reader, every Nordstrom shopper and anyone that is a fashion lover in general, with her colourful knits, statement shoes and feminine fabrics. It’s no wonder the collection began to sell out instantly. However, it’s still worth a look as there are some great pieces remaining, as well as the pieces that are inevitably returned due to incorrect fits across the country. So keep an eye out, visit your local Nordstrom or simply keep up on social to see who’s finding what and where. Either way you shop it, make sure you don’t miss it. And NORDSTROM… if you are listening, we want another collection! 

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