Style Update: The Reality

Yesterday was a weird one. No this picture wasn’t actually taken yesterday, it was, in fact, taken the day before. This is a picture of me looking happy and upbeat, out and about.  In reality, I didn’t even leave the house yesterday. I didn’t speak to a solitary soul, unless you count Whatsapp and iMessage. And I had my head down at my desk trying to get through everything from filing my American taxes (yes, I pay tax in both the UK and the USA….don’t get me started on this) to mapping out content for the next two weeks while I’m in New England. Why am I sharing all this? Well, I think it’s really easy to think that everyday online is a happy, fun filled day for those of us that are regularly sharing content. In truth, most days are not spent hopping around in a pink coat in Notting Hill. So sorry if I’m shattering any illusions you may have. It’s just that I firmly believe we paint a perfect picture too often and very seldom is the reality showcased.

No, at this point I’m not going to share a picture of myself sitting at my desk in pajamas that I wore until 3pm, and only changed out of when I noticed I a piece of dried cereal stuck to the chest pocket of said set of pajamas (leftovers from breakfast). I’m simply going to admit that all is not as it seems online. I don’t always stockpile images, and I do believe that it would be nice for Instagram to be as “instant” as possible, but I’m definitely one for saying, “hey, this ain’t real life, folks.” So my hope for today is that you’ll realise that and choose to appreciate the outfit for what it was – an outfit I thought was worth sharing – instead of a moment that I was portraying as here and now. It was then and there. Today I’m just as happy, but not even one tenth as pulled together. Just in case anyone else is reading this in cereal stained pajamas. Trust me, it isn’t worth comparing. We’ve all been there! 

What I’m Wearing:

Dress, Coat, Boots


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