Style Update: The Nantucket Rain Plan

I’m just going to come out and say this as no matter how I phrase it, I’m pretty sure I’m going to sound like an absolute moron. When it came to packing for Nantucket, I nearly had an anxiety attack. Nantucket has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I’ve seen dozens of images of small towns on the island, the beautiful shops and the incredible population of people, both on and off season. I’ve looked on and wondered what it would be like to visit, to live there, even to have been born there. And yes, the one thing I ended up panicking about was what to wear while cruising the island. 

And I’ll come clean and say right now that this ensemble was not part of the agenda. I had carefully planned out every outfit, down to the earrings. Then, the island through me a curveball. Our first morning, the island flooded. Nantucket was under water and the shoes you see herewith might as well have been flipflops. I was not prepared at all for this. The original cargo khakis that I had planned for this look were drenched and inappropriate for wading in and out of stores. So, I did the next best thing you do in a flood… reach for something that won’t get wet. I reached for the only skirt I had packed. And well, the rest is outfit history. Funny how these things work out. I’ll tell you what didn’t work out….the shoes. They are now in a Nantucket trash compactor. A sad turn of events really. 

But, outside of Nantucket, you will be seeing all of these pieces again and again this season. Each and every one, individually, can be worn about a 1,000 different ways and I can’t stress them enough as staples for the forthcoming wardrobe build! I’ll also say that the trench coat you see, while stylish, also saved my bacon in the rain. 

Oh, and it’s all M&S. And in full disclosure, I am still working with M&S as an ambassador for the brand, and I’ve already fulfilled “my commitment” to the brand this month, as such. So this is really just a love in post. As a third of my wardrobe is M&S these days, as I can’t stop spending in there, I find so much pleasure in having someone ask, “where did you get that fabulous piece,” and responding, “Marks & Sparks, darling!” 

What I’m Wearing:

M&S Faux Leather Skirt, M&S Striped Turtleneck, M&S Trenchcoat 


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