Style Update: Grey and Pink life of an influencer

This style update just goes to show when everything is pink and rosy on the outside, it’s not always the case on the inside. Today’s been a day of mixed emotions. I spent the afternoon catching up with a good friend over lunch and the conversation turned to “influencers” and where the whole world of instagram and blogging is headed. For the first time ever, I heard myself saying out loud, “I’m not sure if this is the right world for me.” When I started FFG nearly ten years ago, the industry was a very different place. I can feel all the young ones rolling their eyes and saying, “ok, grandma.” 

In 2009, there were only a head full of women blogging, attending fashion week, travelling around the world to attend launches, etc. And you know what? We were all taking vacation to do it. We weren’t making a dime for our efforts. Oh, and we never once considered this was a career option. We were drifting out there in a place called “fun.” I have always said that once it stops being “fun,” it’s time to move away and try something else. I’ll be really honest here and shout out what makes it no longer fun – people. Over the past year I have watched the way some influencers treat others around them. Trust me when I say that if Naomi Campbell can’t even get away with it, it’s best if a 14 year old vlogger not try it on for size. The people in this industry are what makes the industry and every single person deserves respect. However, somewhere in the mix this has been forgotten with way in which we have moved into a completely self obsessed system. No specifics to mention here, I’m afraid, as I don’t like to witness and report. I’ll just say, “Ladies, take the selfie or video and move on and come back to the moment, where other people are present, please.”

As blogging/instagramming is now a career path, it’s one that is no different to any other in that it requires a lot of work, a lot of respect for the world you work within and a load of patience. Success doesn’t happen overnight and even it if does, they’ll always be someone bigger than you, earning more money than you or getting more free stuff than you. What if we could change that narrative so that we were working harder to reach bigger audiences so that we could help more people, give more people hope or spread a message that could leave the next generation better off? Even in talking more about “inclusive sizing,” or paying attention to discrimination with gender, race and body shape in campaigns can lead us to make enormous changes moving forward. And, for me at least, these people dedicating their amazing channels to not only supplying us with entertaining content, but also content that is causing us all to rethink things… well, those are the people that are making their life as an “influencer” more than just a way to pay the bills every month. And that, in a very round about way of telling you, is what got me thinking about whether I was doing everything I could to better the world I live in before I leave it and whether or not that was achievable in my current situation.

I’m working it all out, trying to see I can do something to implement a positive change. At the moment, I find it in talking to so many of you, day in and day out. And, for as long as these fingers can type, I’ll never let you down on that front! 

What I’m Wearing:

Grey Sweater, Pink Trousers


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