Dog Friendly Travel: Palmetto Bluff Puppy Pampering complete with Southern Charm

While home in the great Southern States for the summer, I had the most handsome gentlemen by my side from dawn until dusk. With dusty blonde hair, wide shoulders and smiles for days, everyone in their path swooned as we passed through the doors of Palmetto Bluff on my first weekend back in the USA. No doubt about it – I came with companions that were turning heads left, right and centre. Alright, so they weren’t a pair of twins that resembled Brad Pitt (shame!), but they sure were getting as much attention as if they had been. This was Boomer and Brody’s first outing as a celebrity golden pair and they were lapping up the limelight. As we pulled into Palmetto Bluff, the women at the gates offered up special treats for their VIP visitors. At check in, they were given stuffed toys and cuddles from the staff at the front desk. In the room, they were greeted by glass jars full of homemade treats, seersucker bowties to accessorise their look, extra large dog beds for sleeping and water bowls at the ready to combat the 100 degree heat. There wasn’t a detail missed. And no, they weren’t actually VIPs at all, but were made to feel like it from the moment they checked in. And this was just the start of this charming southern experience.Of course our trip to this Preferred Hotels getaway wasn’t all about the dogs, although I’m sure after seeing all the pictures herewith you would be led to believe otherwise. Palmetto Bluff has actually been on my “hit list” since the week my parents moved to South Carolina years ago. Friends of ours had bought a lot on in the residential area of the property and I had heard of more than one famous face making an appearance here. When people spoke of Palmetto Bluff, they spoke of a rich Southern experience, from “porching” to making memories on the waterfront. The live oaks, covered in swinging Spanish Moss, alongside the colonial architecture and sweet southern charm of every staff member, make this a location perfect for showcasing the best of Lowcountry living in South Carolina. 

While our first day was mainly spent showcasing the pups around the property (as let’s be honest… do we even exist when these guys are around?), our second day on site was all about indulging in some good old fashioned outdoor activity. As Palmetto Bluffs sits on 20,000 acres of land, there is a lot to see and do here. However, I’m always partial to a bike ride. I’m not sure what it is about the Lowcountry, but given the chance to explore by bike or by car, I’ll choose a bike any day of the week. Palmetto Bluff’s endless bike trails offer twists and turns through forests mixed with tropical leaves and more of that famous Spanish Moss (yes, I know I’m obsessed), while also promising stunning views across golf course greens and waterfront properties. 

It’s easy to lose yourself here. I’ll be honest here. The property gave me exactly what I needed – a moment to forget the digital world, the endless photo editing that needed to be done and the pile of admin awaiting me at home. It was just me, my bike, the warm salty air and a view worthy of a photograph with every turn I took. And yes, it was hard not to stop every five seconds and attempt to capture the whole thing for social media. In fact, that might just be the toughest part of being at Palmetto Bluff- learning to let the experience be your own! This is a destination designed for relaxation. It’s the Southern way and it’s delivered here with a smile, a cold lemonade and a warm chocolate chip cookie (aka “porching”). 

Now, a quick word about must sees and dos. Don’t miss nightly s’mores by the open fire, lunch at Buffalo’s, golf on the Jack Nicklaus Signature Course, shopping for local delicacies at the on site gas station and convenience store (it’s just as adorable as you would imagine), a sunset cruise around the property, the biggest tree house you’ve ever seen and day after day of relaxing in Adirondack chairs with a view. Welcome to paradise, the southern way! 

For more information visit Montage Palmetto Bluff, A Preferred Hotel

Now, picture time. Get ready for puppies in paradise, bike ride discoveries and food that will have you drooling all over your keyboard. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Anyone up for meeting at Palmetto Bluff for Christmas? 


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