An alfresco breakfast in London: Petersham Nurseries La Goccia

For those of you that haven’t already been informed, the popular Petersham Nurseries has recently opened an additional location in London’s Covent Garden. Expect to find a charming shop, filled floor to ceiling with swoon-worthy home interiors, flowers, gifts and more. While the Richmond location may be focused more on the garden experience, it seems the new Covent Garden outpost is mainly about the culinary arts. There’s an a la carte restaurant, an afternoon tea, a delicatessen and a Italian restaurant featuring an extensive menu of small plates. La Goccia, the Italian side of Petersham, recently opened with a beautiful outdoor courtyard available for the sunnier days we get in London. And trust me when I say you’ll want to have a few places on your list when the sun is shining!

The atmosphere is perfect. It’s open air, but situated in a courtyard that could easily be a side street in Italy, rather than a tucked away corner in one of London’s most trafficked areas. The menu is extensive, but not overwhelming, featuring classics you’ve come to expect at a dreamy brunch with friends. I highly recommend any baked good. They are heaven on a plate. Throw on a little butter and some fresh strawberry jam and you’ll be begging for mercy. The baked eggs are also rich and flavourful and the pancakes hit the spot any day of the week. But, for me, it’s all about the atmosphere. I could have sat here for hours, sipping coffee and talking with friends. In fact, I’m off to book a table for next weekend. There’s no better way to catch up after a long stint away from town! 

La Goccia

Petersham Nurseries

Floral Court

Covent Garden


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