Style Update: Doing the Polka Pants Dance

Finally, my love of food and fashion have come together in one place and I’m 100% pointing my finger at Gizzi Erskine and saying “you made me do this…” Let me take a step back here. You see those leopard print trousers I’m wearing? Well, those trousers are actually designed for chefs. I kid you not. Those stretchy fabulous printed pants are called PolkaPants and they are the brainchild of Australian born chef Maxine Thompson, who had a vision for a more stylish and comfortable chef trouser. Apparently the previous options were all unisex, baggy and generally unflattering. So PolkaPants was born. So, how did I get involved?

Well, it seems PolkaPants has moved on from only providing trousers for the kitchens. The fashion fold have embraced them and they’ve even started doing collaborations with some pretty big names, including Gizzi. I mean they’re leopard print and they’re from Gizzi Erskine. I think we both know I had to have these in my life. And as we were going bold with the trousers, I thought I’d throw caution to the wind and go bold all around with a clashing top. There’s no chance of me stepping into a kitchen in these trousers (as I can’t cook to save my life), but I love them all the same. Oh, and they stock up to a size 22!!!! So, if you are looking for some trouser love, for kitchen work or for sidewalk shuffling and beyond, check these out. They definitely get my seal of approval!

What I’m wearing:

Dot Top, PolkaPants by Gizzi Erskine 


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